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Scrim tracking can take many forms depending on where and how your team is practicing. Here are a few examples of applications I've developed in the past to give an idea of what's possible.

Bayes Example.PNG

Draft version of sample web application used to examine a variety of important map-based behaviours.


Tournament Realm

I have valuable experience using the Bayes API, Riot's new solution for exploring TR games. You can find out how your team performed on a second by second basis. 

I'm here you help you dilute this data in the most helpful way possible to find out what your team is doing well, and how it could improve.


Live Client

Riot is making is harder to track scrims using the Live Client and custom games. However, it's still possible to retrieve statistics from your own players, and record drafts in an effortless way.

Stats example.PNG
Stats dashboard.PNG


Data & Analysis

Once the relevant metrics have been collected, I can help you create easy to use dashboards and displays bespoke to your preferences and needs.