As a full time Software Engineer and keen League of Legends player, Esports Analytics is the perfect intersection for me to spend my free time on something productive as well as enjoyable.

I have a BSc in Data Science from the University of Warwick, and I've been involved in the UK Esports scene since 2018.


NLC Summer 2021


10th Place

UKEL Summer 2020

UKLC Spring 2021


1st place

UKLC Summer 2019

Diabolus Esports

6th place

Although I'd competed at ERL level in 2019, the NLC was far more competitive, and Resolve had only planned funding for it's second UKLC split. During this split I focussed more on organisation and automation, as well as sharing my work with the community.

Resolve was a newly published competitive organisation. We placed 1st in both our first two tournaments, and I started taking a more organised approach to analytics and the tools I was building.

Diabolus was my first team, and I worked hard to understand the core nature of the coaches problems in procuring and effectively displaying data from their scrim and competitive games.