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Scouting is usually seen as the most important role as a League of Legends analyst. I pride myself on catering exactly to coach's needs, and automating my solutions as much as possible to dynamically build on each games preparation resources.

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SoloQ Scouting

Usually deemed the least important form of scouting, SoloQ can give a small insight into an opponents champion pool and match up preferences.


Competitive Scouting

With Bayes, I am able to gain second by second insight into an enemy's habits in game. This could be Level Ones, Back Pathing, Warding Patterns, Jungle/Support Proximity and many others. 

All automated, to get the information as fast as possible.

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Automatically generated level one animations can give a quick view into an opponents habits in the first 90s of a game.

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It's also important to know what your opponent is doing before the game, as well as within. I use the Leaguepedia API to give insight to a teams drafting habits such as popular blinds picks per role, preferred counters and more.