Esports Portfolio

Below you'll find a variety of League of Legends analytics projects. If you're curious about anything you see below, I'm always happy to answer questions regarding them.

Scrim Tracking

Where you've been.

Scrim tracking is a crucial process for any team.  I work as hard as possible to create automated solutions for coaches and analysts to view their scrim data, and any metrics they choose.

This helps you make informed decisions about what you've done, and what you'll try next.

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Where you're going.

Scouting is a vital step in preparation for any competitive game. With the introduction of new data sources, many "effort-absorbing" processes can now be automated.

I have the ability to tailor reports to your comfort, and iteratively improve for the coach's and team's benefit.

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Meta Analysis

Where you are.

Knowing what's strong in the meta can be life or death (on the rift). 

Using a variety of analysis tools, I can help you find what's strong, in which circumstances; as well as what to try out to make sure you're staying ahead of the curve.

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